Friday, November 26, 2010

Screen obssession

Ever since the television was invented, more and more people spend their time in front of a screen more than anything else. First it was the TV screen, which grew larger and larger, in keeping with the side way growth of the couch potatoes sitting in front of them.

Then we have the monochrome computer screen, which evolved into colour VGA screen, followed by LCD screen. That gave us a whole generation of people sitting in front of a screen in almost every sedentary work you can think of. Honestly, I cannot think of any sit down job that does not have a computer screen on the desk of the person.

Screen obsession seems to follow us everywhere now in the form of a mobile phone. The more a person looks at the mobile phone screen, the less likely it is that he is making a call. He is using the mobile to text, to play a game, to surf the internet, or to do social networking. Closely related to that, and almost equally as mobile, is the iPad screen and the tablet PC screen.

If you look around you, there isn't a day when you don't face an electronic screen. This is how pervasive the electronic display has become in our lives.

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