Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sacrificial love

When it comes to giving, most people are willing to part with an insignificant amount of what they have. Very few are those who are generous enough by nature to give much more than the average person. Rarely do we find anyone who would give almost everything away and keeping just enough for his sustenance, although it is not unusual for a parent to do that for his children.

Have you ever wondered that the most painful sacrifice is not something that you give up materially? An evil person knows that to inflict the severest pain on you is not to hurt you directly, but to hurt your loved ones and see you agonize. On the same token the greatest sacrifice one can make, which God made, was to give his only begotten son, so that mankind may be reconciled to God. God loves us THAT much!

Ironically, some people are put through that test of sacrificial love by the very people closest to them - their spouse. How often do families break up because the spouse is asked to choose between his parent and the spouse! Pray for God's grace to enable you to "drink of the cup that God has given you!"

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