Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bluetooth handsfree car kit

Here is an interesting and useful gadget, if you haven't already got one. It is a handsfree car kit that automatically connects to my mobile phone whenever I am within a few feet of it. It has been around for quite a while; I am just a slow adopter of the gadget. The handsfree kit is clipped on to the sun visor of my car. Battery life is real good - it lasts me about four weeks before I "felt" I had to charge it again (it was still going on and on).

Why I am so pleased with it:
First of all, I can leave the phone in my pocket while I am driving. No more scrambling for the phone when it rings. No more accidentally leaving my phone in the car when I get off. Now I can safely answer the phone and talk as long as I like without risking a $300 fine. I can also play music or video on my phone and the sound will come off the bluetooth car kit. Cool!

If you are interested to get one, a regular bluetooth car kit costs anything from AUD$30 to AUD$100. Just make sure your phone supports bluetooth. Except for the most basic models, most phones do.

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