Monday, January 24, 2011


I have many chargers at home. Every portable device I have ever bought comes with a charger. Recently I came across a multi-charger that is able to replace almost every charger I own. It is actually a multi-headed cable that plugs into a standard USB charger, as you can see from the picture. Thus you can plug the cable into a computer, or a wall plug USB charger, or a cigarette lighter USB charger. The cable costs AUD$5, the wall charger costs AUD$3, and the cigarette lighter charger costs AUD$2. What a deal!

This multi-headed cable is able to replace every charger I have, except the charger for my Nikon camera and for AA/AAA batteries. So if you are flustered by having too many chargers around the house, or having too many to carry with you when you go traveling, this multi-charger is your answer!

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