Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The last chapter book

Amazon allows the first chapter of their ebooks to be downloaded for free. This must be an excellent marketing idea, as Amazon's rival Barnes and Noble also quickly followed suit. Here's another idea: how about giving away entire books minus the last chapter? This can be a good marketing strategy for certain types of books. Maybe I should call this blog "The lost chapter book."

Take exam revision books, for example. If I were to author such a book, I could put it up on the internet for free download to everyone. I could hold back on the last chapter, which will consist of worked out solutions and answers to questions. If the student likes it enough, he might be willing to pay for the last chapter.

How about mystery novels? A free download will encourage more readers to download and read the presumably very interesting novel. The last chapter might persuade him to open his wallet just to find out what the ending is like.

So why stop at just the first chapter, Amazon?

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