Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cheap and good tyres

My Camry Sportivo is running on its third set of tyres now. The first set were Dunlop tyres that came with the car when it was brand new. Those lasted about 50,000 km. The second set were Bridgestone tyres, costing AUD$195 each, and lasted almost 50,000 km too.

After Bridgestone, I decided to give Hankook tyres a try. They are Korean imports. Again, I fitted the same 205/60R16 tyres. They cost US$135 each. The tyres have never given me any problems: no punctures, no leaks, and no uneven wear. They have run for about 60,000 km now. I reckon they are good enough for another 10,000 km. Assuming I hit 70,000 km before I replace the tyres, the cost per km of Hankook works out to be roughly half of what it costs me with Bridgestone. There you go, you can literally reduce the running cost of your car.


nblackthorn said...

Thankyou for the awesome post! I've been looking for a place to acquire cheap tyres fitted for a while now!

YM said...

Good luck on your new set of tyres!