Monday, January 24, 2011

Do you read the papers?

It is said that if you do not want any bad news, do not read the newspaper. True, I have noticed that there are actually more bad news than good ones. I read the news first thing in the morning. Very quickly, I would have covered enough bad news to dampen my day: the government making bad decisions, big companies using their grip to squeeze out more profits, privatized utility companies jacking up prices at will, etc.

Sometimes there is the occasional ludicrous statement made by politicians. For example, NSW Premier Kristina Keneally says that if Adelaide is the best city to live in in Australia, why is it that Adelaide has 1.2mil people and Sydney has 4.5mil? Duh? By this reasoning, China is the best country in the world to live in. It makes you wonder if we really have voted into office people of at least average intelligence.

But I would rather have the truth reported as it is than government propaganda. Where I migrated from the newspapers are always reporting good news as far as the economy and local businesses are concerned. The GDP is always growing at an impressive rate, the inflation is always at a low figure, and business opportunities and employment figures always make you feel as if our children's future are in good hands. I am more selective now of what I read, and I will still read our Aussie newspapers, good news or bad, as long as it reports the truth.

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