Sunday, May 8, 2011

Best time to upgrade your mobile

This is a great time to upgrade your mobile phone. The last one month or so has a seen a dramatic drop in prices of some of the older models. I upgraded my Nokia N73 to the Nokia E71. The E71 was one of Nokia's cutting edge smartphone when it was launched in November 2008. Yes, it is a bit dated now, but the price has dropped from its launch price of $299 to $199, and now to $129 just a month ago. Along with that I have also noticed a number of other models selling at big discounts.

Nokia might be losing out in the smartphone war but I am still one of its remaining fans. The E71 (see picture), at its now-attractive price of AUD$129, is packed full  of features that you can only find in phones twice the price. Its connectivity includes 3G, WiFi, bluetooth, infrared, and USB. It comes with a free 2GB memory card. I would choose the qwerty keyboard buttons over a touch screen one anytime. The software platform is Symbian OS 9.2, Series 60 v3.1; Nokia's latest. On this platform, one has access to all the useful apps that anyone could possibly need. I have installed and tested out Fring for video calls, Email, Audiomail, and a few other apps. I have yet to try out many other exciting ones. The call card scanner is great; with one scan it reads the name, phone numbers, fax, and email, and lets me store these into my contact list with one push of a button.

This phone certainly lacks nothing as far as I am concerned. An iPhone or a Galaxy user will sneer at the small screen. But small screen is good; it draws less power and the screen is less likely to break if accidentally dropped. And nothing beats the physical qwerty keyboard for typing out a quick email or an SMS.


Anonymous said...

I certainly agree with that. I used to own an E71, until I traded it for a Galaxy S. While I am relatively happy with the latter (mainly for the multimedia capabilities), I am still fond of the former. It was a rather neat package - great feel, great battery life, great keyboard. And at that price, it's a worthy contender to entry-level touchscreen phones. Almost makes me want to buy one as a spare ^_^


YM said...

I don't have a Galaxy S, so I cannot compare. But I am grateful for your feedback on the E71. 'Makes me appreciate the E71 all the more! I certainly find it does everything I could possibly want in a mobile phone... and the rock bottom price really sweetens it up all the more.