Sunday, May 29, 2011

Morningstar Estate, Mount Eliza

Here is another one of those places I have discovered in Victoria through my association with photography.

Today I made a trip to see Peter Dwyer's photography exhibition. It is held in a chapel (first picture) in the Morningstar Estate in Mount Eliza. It is near Frankston, about 50min drive from my house. Peter Dwyer has been to our club before. I must say I enjoyed the exhibition, which consists of 60 beautiful images.

Apart from the exhibition, the visit to the venue was a treat in itself. Little did I expect to find myself in the courtyard of a cluster of grand old buildings. It could have been a setting straight out of the Jane Austen era. The chapel, although not much to look at from the side view, is quite a charming old building. Inside, you are treated to a high ceiling and you can still find adornments that has inspired many a worshipper. There are even a few pews, which are still in polished condition. The others may have been removed to make room for the exhibition. Out of courtesy for the exhibitor, I did not take any pictures inside the exhibition room. 

(all pictures taken with my camera phone)

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