Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vlingo for my Nokia E71

Having bought a mobile phone with a qwerty keyboard, I thought it would be really neat if I didn't have to use it. This might sound ironical but it is true. I actually found an app called "Vlingo" that transcribes speech into written words. I have only installed the free version, whereas the paid version takes it one step further into creating text or email messages right from start to finish.

To surf the web, I just have to hold the voice key/mute button and just say a few words. Then it will open up a pre-chosen browser and show me the search results.

To dictate a message, I press the same voice key/mute button and hold it down. Then I say "Note" and start talking. When I release the button, the speech is transcribed into text. It does a pretty accurate job too. (If it doesn't, then blame it on your foreign accent)

Having created a message in my Note application, I can then send it out as an SMS message or an email message. What do you think of that?

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