Monday, May 30, 2011

Podcast, a portend for movie-on-demand?

Back in 2004, podcast was just getting ready for prime time. It seemed like such a good idea then; you could download a podcast and listen at your convenience. It seemed logical that among the broadcast audience there would also be a percentage of people who would want to have the option of downloading content for later enjoyment. Goodbye to conventional radio and welcome to 21st century podcasting.... or so it seemed. Today you'll hardly find anyone who has ever listened to a podcast.

Perhaps you could blame it on the Youtube, which came around just a year later. But then perhaps not. Youtube took the world by storm and it had nothing to do with podcast's success or failure.

So will movie-on-demand become a commercial success? Will it go the way of podcast or will it go the way of the Youtube? It is not easy to predict what the market wants. Prime Minister Julia Gillard is certainly banking on the success of movie-on-demand. She has committed AUD$43billion to make sure every Australian has equal access to it, whether they want to or not.

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