Friday, May 27, 2011

Where did The Incredible Shrinking Man go?

You may have seen the movie called "The Incredible Shrinking Man." The story is about a man who was affected by a radioactive cloud, which caused him to slowly shrink. He kept on shrinking until eventually he was reduced to atomic size, as implied at the ending of the movie. I always wondered where he went after that

Have you noticed how things have shrunk into atomic size? A long time ago music was stored in a reel of tape. The reel was later reduced to an 8-track cartridge, which actually contained 8 songs in a cartridge roughly the size of a VHS tape. This later shrank to a cassette tape, which is the size of a cigarette pack. Around that time too, vinyl records gave way to CD, which later gave way to the USB stick player, which could store thousands of songs in something the size of a thumb drive. Eventually, everything has been reduced to digital data, which can be stored in the cyber "cloud." In essence, we have reduced physical music media to atomic size "ones and zeroes" that reside in a non-physical world - the world of cyberspace.

Therefore I deduce that is where The Incredible Shrinking Man went. He went into cyberspace.

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