Friday, July 8, 2011

Charged for shooting

I am not talking about criminals being charged for firearm offenses. I am talking about photographers being made to pay extra for bringing a camera into an area that already charges an admission fee. I think all photographers of the world should unite to openly boycott all such places. After all, almost everyone carries a mobile these days, and almost every mobile phone has a camera. So why should we photographers be penalized for bringing an SLR or a videocam, while 90% of the other visitors get away with it?

One such place is Montsalvat. It charges an entry fee of $14 per adult. On top of that it charges $22 per hour for student and amateur phtographers. See: . I am in the midst of seeking clarification from them and I shall update in this blog later.

If you know of any place that charges a fee for bringing a camera, please alert me and all readers of this blog by listing the place in the comment section below. I shall make this list public to my camera club, and perhaps use the power of the internet to start a "revolution" to get all photographers to boycott these places as a matter of principle.

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Mitch Donovan said...

I agree, I did a total U turn as soon as it was announced. I just happened to have a camera with me that was better than a point and shoot. I had no intention of going "photog" mode. I was simply being a tourist. Now I feel the victim indeed.