Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Semper Driver Backup

Even though I have a full image backup of my computer in case it crashes due to virus or hardware breakdown, I occasionally have to re-install the entire system from scratch. That is when I have to have all the drivers the system needs. Sometimes I have to google for it when I can't find it in my software collection.
Here is a useful little software that everyone should have. It is called Semper Driver Backup. It creates a backup all the drivers you need to run your program and peripheral devices. When you have done that, copy the entire folder (which is located in My Documents) to somewhere safe. The utility also allows you to restore drivers from the backup when needed.

It would be better if the backup is done automatically at a pre-set interval, but then this is a freebie. One cannot ask for more. Here is the website to download the software and to see a demo: http://www.sempersoftware.nl/products/semper-driver-backup

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