Monday, July 4, 2011

Ken Duncan, Australian landscape photographer

Ken Duncan is a well-known Australian landscape photographer. He also shot for The Passion, the movie directed by Mel Gibson depicting the suffering of Christ. Last weekend he spoke at the Citylife Church. He also showed a lot of his images as he talked about his life experiences. After the service, he autographed books for people. Many queued up to buy his books. They were really selling like hot cakes. My wife bought two as presents for friends. I insisted that she did not buy any for me.

Many people assume that as a photographer I would be the first to buy his book, and that I would be delighted to have a picture taken with him. Actually, neither is true. I thought about it for a while, wondering why is it that non-photographers are flocking to him, while I did not feel any desire to do that. I wonder if other photographers feel the same way I do. I'll have to chat with others at the camera club to see if this is just me, or if this is a common feeling among other photographers too. If you are a photographer, what is your feeling about this?

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