Thursday, July 7, 2011

Digital/technological downsizing

Our life is getting more and more complex, thanks to digital technology. Take a telephone, for example. In the old days, the telephone has just a simple rotary dial. You pick up the receiver and you dial the number you want. Today's telephone comes with an instruction manual that teaches you how to store contact numbers and use all the numerous features like intercom, redial, quick dials, etc. Every gadget you buy invariably comes with a need to get aquainted through serious reading of the operating manual.

We can make a deliberate effort to simplify the day-to-day running of our lives. Instead of a full-featured car with electronic gadgetry, for example, one can opt for a "minimalist" car with no elaborate gadgetry. When the remote control of my car ran out of battery, I gave it up and I just use my ignition key to open or lock the car. It saves me from carrying a remote.

We can opt to carry a simple mobile phone that just makes call and does SMS. This saves us from having to handle 3G or wifi connections. One doesn't really need to access the internet while on the move. One doesn't need to carry a GPS in his mobile; nor does he need to carry his entire family album; nor does he need to be able to watch video. Why can't we do all these in the comfort of home?

When buying home appliances, I always try to look for appliances with simple operations and no fancy features. I do not want something that can be programmed in a  hundred ways. I don't want something that has an LCD screen, I just want simple knobs, switches, and dials. I don't know about you, but I want keep my life simple.

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