Monday, July 11, 2011

If Charles Darwin was right

I woke up this morning wondering what human beings would be like if the evolution theory is true. If man is indeed the most highly evolved living thing on earth, it follows that we ought to have the most advanced features in all living things. Here are some possibilities:

1. Man should be able to outrun many animals to feed himself. Just as the lion is able to outrun its prey, why is it that man cannot outrun any animal? Try to name one. I can only think of the tortoise. Somewhere along the line of evolution man must have grown tired of eating tortoises, otherwise it would have been extinct by now.
2. Man should have grown wings. Isn't flying a superior mode of transport?
3. Man should have evolved with thick fur. Fur protects all animals from the cold. Would evolution cause man to take a step backward, while animals grow more adapted to the climate?
4. Instead of fur, perhaps man should have grown a strong skin, like the hide of the elephant. Instead, we have the most vulnerable skin of all species.

I wonder what made Darwin think that the human being is the end product of a long period of evolution. We seem to be lacking in speed, strength, and agility. The only thing we are capable of is self-destruction, while all the animals seem to have it all worked out for preserving the species and the environment.

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