Saturday, August 21, 2010

Best ebook reader?

While looking at all the new electronic book readers that are fast making their debut in the market, I have formed a strong opinion on what would consitute the "ideal" ebook reader. You can imagine my delight when I found one that ticks almost all the boxes. It is called Kogan 6 (

These are all the features I like about it:
Electronic ink: long battery life; low power (no heat generated)
Low cost: introduced on 21/7/2010, it costs only AUD$189; among the least expensive ereaders.
Open format: it boasts a wide array of formats; practically almost any format there is!
Music: it can play MP3 while you read
Pictures: it can display jpeg pictures in 16 shades of grey (state of the art)
Expandable memory: with built-in 2GB of RAM, you add up to 32GB in the SD slot provided.
Size and weight: the 6" screen is just the ideal size, and the eight is a mere 228g

Page turning is reportedly very fast. It runs on an ARM 9 processor, with Linux 2.6 for OS. Yes, the specs are great and the price is right. I can only wonder about the build quality, since you cannot view any display unit in the shops. This product can only be bought online. And, for a change, it is made in Australia!

(Tempted as I was with the specs, I placed an order for the Kindle Wifi instead. It costs about the same and has more or less the same form factor. As this is going to be my first ereader, I took no chances but went straight for a product that will be my benchmark for any future ereaders)

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