Thursday, August 26, 2010

Headache over your laptop? Have a tablet.

Of course I am talking about the tablet PC and not the medicinal tablet. With iPads gaining popularity day by day, a host of Android-based tablets are also on the verge of making their debut on the market. Laptops typically running on Microsoft operating systems are so-yesteryear. They are heavy, expensive, and require a great deal of technical support. As I am typing out this blog on my laptop, I am grumbling to myself about the narrow viewing angle of my LCD display. I can't really place the laptop on my lap. The viewing angle just doesn't work. So I place it on a table to type. Now I wonder why I don't just go back to my desktop, which has a good standalone display and a proper keyboard.

Fast forward a few years into the future... I can see myself using an Android-based tablet. At home I would plug into a big display screen and a proper keyboard. I assume such a feature would be available by then. When on the move, I would just use it as a regular tablet PC. There will be no need for a desktop or a laptop. Goodbye to all the messy cables behind my computer. Goodbye to heavy laptops. Goodbye to Microsoft?

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