Thursday, August 19, 2010

Notes to myself: "bokeh" workshop

Bokeh is the term used to describe the fuzzy backgound in a photo. It is a well known special effect in photography. Last night at the camera club we had a practical session to learn all about bokeh. From the picture, you can see how the set up was done, followed by my very first shot on the top right. After improving on my settings, I managed to shoot a better picture (bottom left). Finally, with the help of a little cut out to cover the lens, I managed to get some nice maple leave shaped-bokeh!

I must add that despite all my readings about bokeh, the hands-on I had last night really helped me to get a good grasp of bokeh. Lesson: to be successful with bokeh, one really needs to push the limits of the lens aperture. Next, focal length also contributes to the effect. Finally, the ISO can also make a difference. I actually had one shot where the higher ISO dims out the bokeh and I had to dial down the ISO, so that I could drag the shutter speed to get a brighter bokeh.

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