Monday, August 23, 2010

Photoblogging fun

Many people have a camera in their mobile phone, but few go beyond taking the occasional snapshot and leaving the image in the phone. Photoblogging is a great way to quickly upload your image to a website. These day, one is usually offered a Facebook app with the smart phone. I tend to shy away from the Facebook scene, preferring to use a more mundane blog site such as the Phlog.

My photoblog site has a link on this blog page. Phlog is a no-nonsense and no-advertisement site. The newest pictures are displayed at the top, and you can edit your subject header and caption at any time you like. I really like the ability to email my pictures directly to the site. The spontaneity of it makes taking pictures with the mobile phone so much more fun.

(Note: TPG Mobile provides a limited amount of free data on the $1 plan, which I blogged about recently; see "Cheapest mobile rate in Australia. Perhaps it is time to start your own photo blog!)

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