Saturday, August 28, 2010

Google Buzz; what I think of it

Today I just noticed the Buzz when I opened my Gmail. I clicked on the demo to learn more. I was quite horrified by it, really. I quickly disabled it. Buzz is Google's answer to Facebook (of which I am also not a fan). I find it very intrusive. I don't want to be so connected to cyberspace that I cannot have a moment of peace to myself. Like Facebook, Buzz allows you to quickly interact with your cyber network when you find something you want to share. I can see there will be a lot of idle chatting ("sharing") and I wouldn't want to waste precious time like that. It is far better to have real face-to-face interaction with friends. I mean, it is good to be able to "connect" with friends who are far away, but it is a different thing altogether to connect with people from school or work. We all need time to be alone. We need to refresh our mind with peace and solitude.

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