Saturday, August 14, 2010

Car MP3 player

Here is a nice little gadget to fool around with. It is labeled as a "Car MP3 player", for want of a better name. Once it is plugged into a cigarette lighter, it starts to play the songs in either a thumb drive or an SD card, which you have to separately purchase and upload with songs. Shown above on the far right is my thumb drive. 1GB thumbdrive can store almost 300 songs.

The music is transmitted through the air to the car radio in FM wave. The audio comes out of the speakers in your car just like a normal radio reception. You can tune the FM frequency to match whatever FM frequency you choose on your radio. Once set, it remains unchanged. It even remembers which song you last played and continues from there the next time you use it. An LCD display on the player shows you the song title, the FM frequency, and the track number of the song. As an added bonus, the player comes with a remote control (not much larger than the size of a credit card), complete with battery.

Finally, you must be wondering how much this costs. I picked it up at the PC fair in Malaysia for RM$20 (= AUD$7). What a steal! As for the quality, I am quite happy with it. The sound is clean and it is as clear as any good FM reception that you get from a radio station.

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