Monday, August 23, 2010

Sold (out) on solar

On 21/Jun/2010 I wrote a blog called "Sold on solar". I would like to update the information there with this sequel: sold out on solar.

Aussies have really been sold out by the solar generating scheme. By "sold out", I don't mean the solar panels are out of stock. I mean there something fishy going on. AFTER installing the solar panels, I received a letter from the electricity supplier to say that I will now be charged a new tariff that is tailored to homes with solar panels. This tariff goes by a different rate for different times of the day and it is significantly higher than my existing one. I believe the rates are set in such a way so that what is generated and sold back to the company is quickly negated by the extra tariff. What a sham! The government subsidizes the solar panels by thousands of dollars, and Labor-iously (pun intended) promotes the carbon trading scheme, only to have the electricity suppliers steal all the benefits from the consumers. Labor Party deserves to lose the election this year!

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