Friday, September 10, 2010

The dumbing of society

Nowadays people have become more careful with what they say, lest they be accused of being discriminatory, or worse, racist. Discrimination and racism have become dirty words and people are afraid of being labeled as such. Hence we are shaped to be tolerant even of things we should be speaking out against. This leads to a lopsidedness where normal people are afraid to speak out while deviants get to have their full say all the time. It follows that if people with antisocial, immoral, or criminal ideology were to have their say unrestrained and protected by anti-discriminatory laws, doesn't that inevitably lead to more and more decay over time? That is the world we live in, in all the developed countries today.

In the past, before "discrimination" became overused and decent people became abused by its use, we were able to correct one another as we went along. Children were properly disciplined at home and in school. Aberrant behaviour was kept in check. Sure it drove some people into the closet, but it also helped to prevent society from legitimizing what was wrong or detrimental. If I were to name what acts I am talking about, I will certainly draw lots of flak in this blog. By not naming them, I am dumbing myself down just like everyone else; scared to speak out in case of being called a discriminator or a racist.... like how scared the US is of the repercussion of Koran burning, yet completely tolerant of Bible burnings everywhere.... like people who will readily forward racially sensitive writings they support but dare not write themselves.... the list goes on.

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