Saturday, September 25, 2010

Is the future PC a smartphone?

The title of this blog is from this article:

Nvidia CEO Huang muses "Will a future PC be a powerful, multi-CPU handheld device that wirelessly connects to large displays and a host of other devices--so the PC is carried around in your pocket or small satchel and then connects on the fly to larger devices and/or peripherals?"

I am thinking that perhaps the other way around is also true: the future phone is a smart (portable) PC. I think gadgets like the iPod Touch and the Galaxy Pad will have VOIP apps in no time. As mobile broadband becomes more prevalent, it makes sense to carry voice over the data band, instead of the present voice band. Data band is a lot cheaper than voice band. I think mobile phone companies will do their best to thwart this, as this will see their revenue disappear into thin air. Eventually, I hope, mobile VOIP will prevail.

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