Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to publish for free

I came across this article in The Good EReader website. See: http://goodereader.com/blog/electronic-readers/how-to-self-publish-and-market-an-ebook-on-amazon/ .

When I first came to Australia, I met some people who, in the course of casual conversation, expressed a desire to write a book when they retire. (That tells you I take people's words seriously!). That was what rekindled my desire to start a blog, which I did and held on to. It has become a pastime that I find very enjoyable. While I write, I also wish to read the writings of my personal friends; perhaps a holdover of the past letter-writing days when pen pal-ing was a hobby.

For the aspiring writers who want to eventually publish an entire book, here is your opportunity to gain an instant world-wide audience. There is no need to make countless visits, hat (and book) in hand, to any publisher to see if they will publish your book. You can do it yourself and place it in the electronic bookstore. You might even make some money if it becomes popular. So to the friends I met earlier who expressed a desire to write and publish a book, there is no better time than now to fulfill your dream.

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