Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Kindle has arrived

My Kindle has arrived! I bought the wifi-only version, costing AUD$179 after postage and currency conversion. It works straight out of the box; no set up required. Took me just a few minutes to open up a book and see what it can do. I am still trying to understand all the limitations regarding file handling, as this does not run on a standard operating system.

First impressions.... I love it. It feels good in the hand, but I think it'll be better to have a book cover. Then I wouldn't worry about touching any of the buttons accidentally. I popped in an MP3 in the audio folder and I could play it on the built-in speakers. There are not many controls for the music player, but then this is not meant to be a music player. Then I turned on the "text-to-speech" function and it started reading aloud to me. It even works on a magazine and a newspaper that I had on trial subscription. It didn't work on my PDF file, but I wonder if it works on a Word file.

In summary, I am pretty pleased with this gadget and I look forward to exploring more to see what it can and cannot do.

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