Monday, September 6, 2010

Understanding touchscreens

Touchscreen technology is generally little understood by the public at large (including many product reviewers!). Many people, including me, still haven't got the arms around all of it yet. Therefore I wish to point you to a very useful article to educate yourself: "Know your touchscreens" at

Be aware that as you shop for your next touch-enabled videocam, camera, mobile phone, tablet PC, TV, etc, that not all touchscreens are alike in capability. If you had ever owned a PDA back then, you will know how difficult it was to use a stylus to write on your PDA screen. The iPhone touchscreen has come a long way since then. I have handled an imitation made-in-China iPhone that has a most exasperating touchscreen, which awoke me to the fact that indeed there are bad touchscreens. Since then, I have learned that capacitive touchscreen is superior to resistive touchscreen, and that multitouch is something worth watching out for.

Bottomline: if you want to maximize the enjoyment of the next touch-enabled gadget you buy, see if it has the magic touch before you part with your money.

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