Thursday, September 2, 2010

eReaders and Tablet PC's

This is an exciting time for the consumer electronics industry. The now-in-progress IFA, Europe's largest consumer electronics show, will see the unveiling of all the latest products industry has to offer. We are on the verge of finding out what will be hot favorites for the Christmas season, and my bet is that it will be an iPad-like product or a dedicated ebook reader. Even as I write, news are flowing in of what everyone has to offer. It makes me want to go out and start playing with these wonderful toys.

Among the early ones to make the news are the improved Sony eReaders: the Pocket Edition and the Touch Edition. Despite the names, both are now touch-enabled and have improved contrast in the display. They have SD card slot, built-in dictionaries, MP3 player, and are priced at AUD$229 and AUD$300 respectively. Very tempting indeed! I'll blog about it if I see another equally tempting offer....

As for tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is a worthy challenger to the iPad. Galaxy is Android-based. What I find very interesting is that you can place it on the desk and use it for video conferencing or use it as a regular speaker phone. Or, turn it into a mobile phone via a Bluetooth headset. The Galaxy can download apps from the Android Marketplace, and it can do everything that the iPad can do, and more, with supposedly equal elegance.

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