Saturday, September 4, 2010

Independents for Victoria?

No, I am not about to proclaim "independence" for Victoria, but if the federal election is something to learn from, I think we all should vote for independent candidates in the coming November election. If 4 independents can wield so much power and make the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader eat from their hands, think how great Victoria can become if we all vote for independents.

I am tired of the excesses of the Brumby government. Project after project fail to meet their initial budgeted costs, even though the projects have been privatized. Blowouts are in the unheard of tens and hundreds of percent, making a mockery of the tender and award process. At the same time Brumby spends a record amount of taxpayers' money to convince us he is doing a great job; $124mil to be precise.

I am also disappointed with the inability of Ted Ballieu, as Opposition Leader, to take Brumby to task. I think many people will easily give their vote to Baillieu if he could bring Brumby's fiscal mismanagement out into the open. It is not an easy task, as many laws appear to protect the criminals and those in high office, more than to protect public interest. They call it privacy act, the right-to-know, or perpetrators simply lie their heads off in court. What ever happened to perjury?

Back to what I was saying... let's all vote for independents in the November state election. It is interesting to see what a few people can do when we have don't have obviously strong candidates to lead the major parties into an election. If you support this view, please forward this blog to your friends. Together we can make a difference.

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